“The only person I trust to give my money to run ads online is Douglas James. He’s crushed it with us”

Mark lack - shorten the gap

“We were only spending $30,000 a month and were able to grow that to $300,000 a month with Douglas James and he was able to generate over 7 figures for my company”

john crestani

“I really appreciate the professionalism and the dedication and absolute focus into what my business needed.”

Bobby F Parihar
“Douglas created a script for me that really made sense and helped me get my message across in a succinct and authentic manor.”
Nancy Angelini
“Douglas coached me in how to ask the right questions so you’re not wasting any time in your business and getting really qualified leads.”
Dr. Phil Smith
“Douglas has really given me a lot of clarity on my funnel, exactly how to sell on a webinar, and how to have confidence when it comes to the sales call”
Lindsey Roberts
“Douglas helped me get the perfect email leads for my avatar.”
Mary Pierce
“Douglas has been able to help me work on my scripts, get super organized within my business taking me from what a thought I knew to 10x my business.”
Dominick Montevani
“If you’re looking for someone that can put all the pieces together, I can’t recommend Douglas enough.”
Dr. Michael Donaldson
“I’ve been working with Douglas with script writing for my ad and he’s very good at getting the exact wording right to reach as many people as possible.”
“Douglas broke down exactly the kind of ad words to grow and scale my own traffic on Youtube.”
Ryan Felix

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