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I’m a world-recognized expert on a mission to change the lives of driven entrepreneurs. I transparently teach and empower hungry entrepreneurs how to find, close, and retain high-ticket clients, so they can automate the growth of their businesses, and finally live the lives of their dreams.

“Throw bigger rocks to make a bigger ripple.”

I believe you have an amazing business and it’s time for it to take off. I want you to stop working with the small players and start enrolling powerful customers. I will help you attract the right clients, serve them with impeccable offers, and keep them engaged and buying from you for years to come. I want you to achieve greatness beyond your wildest dreams. I want to help you grow - to impact more people, to quadruple your bank account, to dominate your life.


Don’t waste another moment not investing in your business’s growth. It’s time to work on your business, not just in it. And whatever guidance or kick-in-the-ass motivation you need - I’ve got it.

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  • “Before Douglas James, we were capping out right around 6 Figures, since we let him take over the Marketing, he helped grow our Transportation business to over $1 Million in total revenue!”

    – Cody Hall, CEO of Lovely Nights –

  • “Never thought one of my patients could help us book appointments for Dental Procedures the way Douglas James has. He allowed us to grow our practice and open a second location. An excellent choice if you are looking for help with automating your patient acquisition.”

    – Dr David Eshom, DDS –

  • “Douglas has consulted Billion Dollar Body which has led to a massive amount of ROI. He helped us do an extra $30,000 in just 1 month! Not including scale. He’s helped us generate 1000s of leads in the Fitness Industry. Getting prospects to book through Facebook Ads seemed unachievable until we partnered with Douglas. He has my highest recommendation for any Entrepreneur that’s doing Online Sales.”

    – Nicholas Bayerle,
    CEO of Billion Dollar Body, Speaker, and Success Coach. –

  • “Douglas James took our High-Ticket Consulting to a whole New Level! Facebook Ads was one area where we were not capitalizing, and had wasted over $40,000 in consultation fees with other Agencies. He was the only one that was able to develop a custom plan that booked our calendar helping us acquire 100s calls and sales. He’s our #1 for Facebook Funnels and Ads.”

    – Abdul Samad, CEO of Lions Marketing –

  • “After working with Douglas James for 6 months, he helped us acquire over 3,000 patients for our Chiropractic Clinic and helped generate a total revenue of over 1 Million Dollars.”

    – Dr. Brian Dial –



Company Testimonial

Meet Elliott Ryan.

Elliott is a former Attorney turned Entrepreneur. After 30 days in The Industry Marketing Academy, we was able to set up a passive income of $12,500 per month which has now grown to an ongoing multiple 5 Figure Business. He works exclusively with Dental Practices and took what he learned in The Academy to change the game when it comes to Patient Acquisition for Dentists. Watch his Case Study here.


Here’s the thing


In 2014, as a Navy Corpsman, I was deployed on the USNS Mercy on a humanitarian mission in the Pacific. I visited Guam, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and the Philippines where I was honored to help some of the most impoverished communities. It was there that I realized I wanted to live my life with a bigger purpose. I want to help others be successful, and raise everyone up.

I knew that when I was able to make money, I could give back and help people in need. So I transitioned into being an entrepreneur to fulfill this dream. And it’s crazy how, almost immediately, I witnessed the powerful impact that online marketing and advertising can make for a company.

I used SEO, and eventually Facebook Ads, to empower companies to grow their revenue and acquire more clients. People began reaching out with more questions, needing more advice and strategies. These success stories of entrepreneurs who are striving and grinding keep me motivated to continue pushing and delivering impressive results for my clients.

I’ve been able to create a community, and my clients continue to grow and hire more staff. The impact is undeniable, and I am grateful that my expertise can help others achieve their dreams of financial success and influence. It’s a huge fucking win-win-win.

Put Me On Your Stage
Proceeds from my work always go back to the community because my true purpose is to help those in need. After seeing people without schools or shoes in countries like Papua New Guinea, I realized there's more to life than just nice clothes and fly rides - those are just the products of success. We give to charities like Project Mexico to help build schools for kids so they can have a fair shot at a future. We work with our local Italian community, Urban Angels, and Our Lady of the Rosary to feed and clothe children, families, and the homeless in San Diego. I’m honored to be able to contribute to their efforts and believe it's our duty to not just earn an income from our business, but to give back as much as possible with our time and our money. Giving is the greatest form of happiness.